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Dear Participants,

       While population goes up to 7 billion and urbanization becomes 70% in our World, arable land decreases in a very fast fashion, thus using good quality seed becomes only way to increase agricultural production. Therefore, good quality seed (genetically pure and healty seed) is known as the key for economic growth.

       Seeds which are the most important input of farming are being developed by government and private sectors and some private companies functions in global scale. In addition to traditional plant breeding methods, marker assisted selection and genetic engineering are being used to obtain definite and precise end results. Thus, plant varieties which are tolerant or resistant to drought, salt, hot and cold, disease and pests can be improved.

        High yield potential is also a very desirable trait. It was decided to have “5th Turkey Seed Congress” held at Dicle University in Diyarbakır during 19-23 October, 2014. Congress is being prepared by Faculty of Agriculture at Dicle University with valuable contributions from public and private sectors.

       The congress is organized with international Participation. “SEED SECTOR BUSINESS FORUM” is programmed during the congress. However, a trip will be arranged to Çayönü, one of the places on Earth first began farming. We are looking forward to your participation and contributions and hope to see you among us.

       Organization Committee;
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